In The Closet


 Third wall Productions will hold auditions for the Maryland premier of Siegmund Fuchs' award winning "In The Closet". Please prepare two short, contrasting monologues (45-90 second). There will be sides.

Audition & Performance Location:
Function Co-Working Community
4709 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

The show takes place inside both a literal and metaphorical closet. It opens with three gay men entering the closet for vastly different reasons. Man #1 is struggling with the long-term illness (cancer) of his partner. Man #2 is struggling with aging in a community he’s finding quite superficial. Man #3, a rape victim, was just told by the prosecutor he needs to act more straight on the stand. All three men are soon joined by John, who runs into the closet just after his first gay sexual encounter. The four men explore the varied reasons one might closet oneself in this cross-generational look at being in the closet, leaving the audience to wonder: can any one of them walk out? 

Old Man (A man in his 60's)
Young Man (A man in his 20s)
John (A man in his teens)

Show runs Thursday - Sunday from January 11-27

General Rehearsal Schedule: December 5 - January 10
Monday/Wednesday evenings
Saturday Afternoons February 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17